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Boat rentals and canal cruises in Leiden

All our boats are electric and therefore easy to handle, comfortable and silent!


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T:  +31 (0) 71 514 39 33
 (tussen 10.00 en 20.00u)


hire a boat at Bootjes en Broodjes Leiden

Our sustainable shipping company Bootjes en Broodjes is located in the heart of the city Leiden. Our location is a formerly bridgekeepershouse at the Blauwpoortsbrug (Blueportalbridge). It is a unique spot to start your boattour over the beautiful canals of Leiden. Also to explore the the lake area Kagerplassen, close to Leiden.


We have:

- Boat rental

- Canal tours

- Private boat tour

Simply rent a sloop

Rent a boat Leiden Kagerplassen

Our sloops can be rented starting from one hour. A brief trip over the canals of Leiden takes one hour. A more extensive tour takes two hours. Going to the lake area Kagerplassen takes a minimum of three hours.


At our location we’ll provide you with a map of the waterways and a brief instruction how to handle the boat. If you want we can tip you about nice routes and you take a map of the waterways on board. Our boats are quit, easy to handle and are comfortable up to six persons.


rental rates
2 hours € 75
following hours € 25
deposit of € 150
minimum age of 21 for the skipper  
In July and August you can rent the sloops with a minimum of 2 hrs.  

Canal Tours in Leiden

Canal cruises Leiden Kagerplassen

Our canal cruises are made with an eletrical but very comfortable boat. We are the first in Leiden to introduce sustainable canal cruises. Because we use a relatively small boat we can show you the most beautiful places in the city. The skipper is your guide, bringing you historical and actual stories.

The canal cruise takes approximately 50 minutes.


Our rates for a guided tour:
Adults € 10,00
65+ €   8,50
Children (up to 12 yrs)     €   6,00

DeparturesvCanal Tours

       October - April
  April - Oct.




     daily opend, daily departures

* Sometimes we changes departuretimes. Make a reservation to sure of a seat: e-mail or 06-22610552.

* For private tours you can also make reservations outside these timeslots

* Alterations possible

Private tour with skipper

Private tour Leiden Kagerplassen

If you don’t prefer to sail the boat yourself but just want to sit back, hear the stories, you can rent one of our electric boats. A skipper, also guide, is included in this tour. We’ll give you a tour through the canals or the lake area.

In bad weather, the boat can be covered.


A glass of champagne or a nice glass of wine with a tasty snack are possible. We can cater for you but you can also take care of this yourself.


The rates for a private tour are:
€   80,00 per hour (up to 12 people)
€ 125,00 per hour (up to 24 people)


When your group is bigger than 24 persons it’s possible to rent a boat too. Just sent us an e-mail or give us a call!